The alchemy of art

ANTIMONI is a multi-disciplinary artist working out of Bristol, UK. She creates a variety of work, both 2D and 3D, utilising many mediums including painting, drawing, needlework, photography, writing and installation. She experiments with mark and colour, almost intuitively, to create surreal fantasy worlds that reflect the constant movement and fluctuation of experienced emotion. She is intrigued by the human experience and by the myriad ways in which we strive to understand the world, leading her to explore magical themes and connect them to real world emotions. 

As an artist, ANTIMONI is continuously striving to reduce the environmental impact of her brand. Her canvases are hand stretched using 100% organic hemp, her business cards started life as cotton t-shirts and even her studio is insulated with recycled plastic bottles. She acknowledges that she has a long way to go before becoming fully sustainable and continues to explore ways in which to improve. 

ANTIMONI has been involved with a variety of projects including the production of scenic art for festivals, the curation of group exhibitions and the sale of work at events such as the PAGES International Artist Book Fair. Currently she volunteers with venues around the city, including Bristol Museums, where she assists with Wellbeing Arts groups and Youth Panel projects as a workshop facilitator.